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Dynamic Professional Microphone

Model: M-105

The QFX Dynamic Professional Microphone extends up to 10’ with a 6.3mm silver-plated jack.

Currently available in Blue, Silver, White, Red.

Dynamic Professional Microphone
Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
Frequency Response 100-12500Hz
Sensitivity -72± 3dB
Impedance 600 ?
Cable Length 10 Feet with 6.3mm Silver Plated Jack
Colors: Black, Blue, Silver, White, Red
Master Carton Qty: 20
Master Carton Weight: 12.10 LBS
Master Carton Dimensions: 19x14x11
Clam Shell Dimensions: 4x12x2
Unit Weight: 0.70 LBS
UPC: 6 06540 00662 7

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