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75W Inverter with USB

Model: PWR-71

QFX’s 75W Power Inverter provides 75W of continuous power output from a 12V cigarette lighter output, and includes both a USB and an AC output socket.

75W Power Inverter with USB
• 75 Watt Continuous Power Output
• 150 Watt Peak Power
• AC Output Socket
• Input Voltage: DC 12V
• Output Voltage: AC110 + 10V 60 Hz Modified Sine Wave
• USB for charging iPod’s, iPhone, Cell Phones, MP3 Players
• USB output: 5V DC, Max 1000mA
• Overload Protection >90W
• Low Voltage Protection 10.2-10.8V DC
• Over Voltage Protection 15-16V DC
• Overheat Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Cigarette Lighter Plug
• Color: Black Rubberized Finish
• Master Carton Qty: 40
• Master Carton Weight: 23 LBS
• Master Carton Dimension: 20x12.6x13
• Clam Shell Dimension: 10x5.5x2
• Unit Weight: 0.61 LBS
• UPC: 6 06540 00733 4

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